Use an Emergency Kit Buying Guide

With global warming creating severe weather events, buying an emergency kit makes sense for most individuals. In general, it is good to have an emergency survival kit when facing weather emergencies. There are several kits that are available on the market. Some of these kits can be lifesavers in the event of weather, camping, or driving emergency. Some of the kits can be purchased for under 20.00 so they can be quite affordable when you consider that they could possibly save a life.

The right emergency preparedness kit for you depends on the types of emergencies that you are expecting to be dealing with. There are kits that are specially designed for earthquakes and weather events.

Some of the best emergency kits however are some of the most expensive and they have emergency supplies to last several weeks if need be. Some of the more basic kits are reviewed concluding with some of the very best emergency survival kits on the market. In the budget category, the Nitro Four Seasons Survival kit includes:

survival reflective blanket
waterproof matches
loud whistle
fire starter
signal mirror

This kit claims that it has over 80 items that will contribute toward survival in the elements and is affordable.

One of the other kits that are available includes the Quakehold 70820 Grab N Go kit. This kit is available from Amazon is a good place to purchase these kits as they have a number of these emergency kits on their website. Potential buyers can see how other users have rated the survival kit. The Quakehold 78020 comes with a number of essential supplies stored in a backpack. It retails on Amazon for 39.00 and includes:

food and water
light sticks
emergency blankets
33 piece first aid kit

Another emergency preparedness kit located on the site includes the Earthquake bucket also available on Amazon for 75.00. This kit is a 4-person survival kit that includes some of the items you may need to use in your home in case of a major earthquake or disaster. It has been rated with 4.5 stars by the users of this kit on Earthquake bucket has:

emergency gas shut off bar
rolls of duct tape
emergency dust masks
water and blankets

Another kit that has been reviewed very well on Amazon and has garnered mostly 5-star reviews is the Stansport Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit for 167.00. This kit is one that has been positively reviewed by users. This kit includes:

a propane stove
propane lantern
rain gear ponchos
AM radio
weather radio
good quality blankets
emergency tarps
50-foot rope
5-gallon water jug with water purifier
sleeping bags

This kit has many things that could sustain you in an emergency survival situation.

One of the other emergency preparedness kits is specially designed by AAA for winter weather. This kit is unique because it includes everything you might need if trapped in a blizzard or are stranded in the snow. The great thing about this kit is that it is very affordable at only 39.99. It can be purchased directly from the AAA or other online venues. It includes everything you would need to survive a winter weather emergency:

folding shovel
3 piece fleece set
46 piece first aid kit

Depending on the type of weather conditions you may be facing it will partially depend on what sort of kit you purchase. Those that live in an earthquake-prone zone may purchase a different kit than someone that is living in a wintry climate for instance. Those that are subject to hurricanes or tornadoes may also purchase a different sort of kit.

It is also important to be cognizant of how many people one may need to protect. Some of the kits are good for 4 people, and some are good for only 2 people. It is always good to have some sort of emergency survival kit particularly if you are camping or hiking and may be subject to the elements. It never hurts to be over-prepared. It is much better than being underprepared for an emergency. Having an emergency survival kit can allow the individual to be prepared when it comes to lots of adverse weather conditions that might come your way. In these times of severe weather, it is good to be prepared.