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The Best Survival Food Will Let You Survive as well as Thrive!

Disasters, whether natural or man-made, seem to be happening with increasing frequency in various places, and of magnitudes never-before witnessed. Unfortunately, anyone who lives on this planet is vulnerable to disaster.

The World’s Top 5 Survival Knives

Survival knives are among the most functional tools you can have, whether you intend to place it in your survival pack for dangerous situations, or in your hunting or fishing gear bag for field dressing animals. Whatever your planned use is, make sure you never leave home without a knife. This article offers a list of the best knives that you can use for survival and hunting purposes.

Use an Emergency Kit Buying Guide

With global warming creating severe weather events, buying an emergency kit makes sense for most individuals. In general, it is good to have an emergency survival kit when facing weather emergencies. There are several kits that are available on the market. Some of these kits can be life savers in the event of a weather, camping or driving emergency. Some of the kits can be purchased for under 20.00 so they can be quite affordable when you consider that they could possibly save a life.

Purchasing Survival Shelters: What to Look For and Avoid

Human life has evolved on the basis of ‘survival of the fittest’. Those who are able to protect themselves during times of trouble and survive last the longest. Of course, no one wishes to go through the harms and trials that can be thrown out by Mother Nature. Yet, it is important to be prepared and this can come in the form of survival shelters. There are various kinds of survival shelters that can be purchased and built by those concerned for their futures. This article will pinpoint some excellent …

A Guide to Zombie Survival

Zombies, vampires, no matter what they are called, these lunatics are the greatest threat to humanity. They are a plague…

A Comprehensive Look at Earthquake Survival Kits

Climate change, global warming, varying weather patterns, and earthquakes – these are the things that seem to be common occurrences in this age and time. No one can properly predict the coming of earthquake and the only thing that most can do is be prepared and make the earthquake survival kit readily available when earthquake suddenly strikes.

Wilderness and Apocalypse Survival Tips You Should Know

Many people who love watching the reality show ‘Survivor’ are convinced that they can…

Must Have Survival Books – Worthy Additions to Your Book Collection

The Best Survival Books on the Market
Is your book collection in need of survival books? Look no further for recommended reads.  Check out the list below and see the top picks from the lot.  Having the right book (or books) can save you and your family’s life (and help you guys stay alive) when the time comes.