A Guide to Zombie Survival

Zombies, vampires, no matter what they are called, these lunatics are the greatest threat to humanity. They are a plague, and the human race – its carrier. Lucky are those victims who are killed and their flesh is eaten while those who are not so fortunate, join them and turn into rotten flesh-eating monsters.

Conventional warfare is useless against creatures like these. There has been no art developed ever since the beginning of our existence that can protect us from the enemy, who, in essence, is “not living.” Does this mean that the living dead are immune? No. Remember, zombies are ignorant and our awareness is their enemy.

Here are a few survival tips against a Zombie siege and attack:

When housed in closed spaces like an apartment:

1. Block the staircase either by destruction or otherwise. This will isolate top floors from the rest.

2. Put the elevator out of service.

3. Another advantage of the apartment complex is its large population. While an owner may be forced to maintain the dwelling himself, an apartment building can be defended by all neighbors.

Once the residence is secured, address storage.

1. Be ready for a long siege.

2. Arms: While in the field one must travel light to maintain mobility, in your home you have the luxury of storing and maintaining a plethora of weapons. Keep as many firearms as possible with you. Also remember, only a headshot can kill a zombie!

3. Equipment: Now that the guns have been chosen, consider what equipment you need for your own maintenance and perhaps even your survival. Some suggested equipment are water for cooking and hygiene, canned food, electric stoves, bicycle-powered generator, fire extinguisher, etc.

Surviving An Attack

The siege has begun. Zombies swarm around your home, attacking incessantly but unable to enter. At this point, your concerns are far from over. Many tasks must be carried out to survive in a confined space.

1. Designate a corner of the backyard to serve as a latrine. Most survival manuals explain the appropriate points of construction and waste disposal.

2. For electricity, always resort to a manual generator (powered by bicycle). The petrol model is not only noisier and potentially dangerous, but the fuel is also limited.

3. Patrol the wall constantly. If you are in a group, organize guards round the clock.

4. At night, make sure all doors are secure (windows must be already bricked). Always sleep with a flashlight and a gun nearby. Sleep lightly.

5. Get rid of all the bodies by either burning or burying them. Be it a zombie or human, a corpse is a corpse. Bacteria in rotting meat can be a serious health hazard.

6. Keep your zombie survival kit in an easily accessible area, prepared, loaded, and ready for action.

When At a Public Place

1. Office buildings:

Many of the rules regarding apartments can apply to office buildings too.
Once you have left the ground floor, the stairs have been destroyed and lifts have been put out of service, an office building can be a tower of protection.

2. Hospitals:

That would seem to be one of the safest and most logical to escape in case of an outbreak is really one of the worst. Yes, hospitals may have stored food, medical supplies and expert personnel.

3. Police stations:

Unlike hospitals, the reason to avoid police stations has less to do with zombies but more with humans. In all likelihood, people living in your town or city will throng to the police station, creating chaos.

4. Shops:

Many types of stores provide adequate shelter. Those with concealed blinds or other solid shielding material can stop zombies for several days. Stores without exterior doors are out of the question. Your windows will only warn the zombies of your presence.

5. Malls:

It is a structure virtually indefensible. If the crisis happens suddenly, a large number of traders can be seen trapped within the shopping center, creating problems of crowding, crushing, and asphyxiation, thus being an attraction to the zombies.

There are several zombie survival kits available on the market. They are a must for everyone who wants to survive a zombie attack. Few frontrunners are listed here:

1. The Z.E.R.O. Zombie Kit:

ZERO stands for zombie extermination, research, and operations. Priced at $24,000, this kit provides you with a plethora of tools, weapons accessories, cases, and protective gear. The kit is short of weapons as the company foresees a shortage of ammo during an encounter. Some of the interesting tools include the Brunton Solaris 62-watt solar charger, a tactical wristwatch, and the Crimson Trace Glock Laser Grip. It also has the aluminum OPMOD Mug that you can use for drinking and smashing zombie skulls too! The bottom line says “Is the Z.E.R.O. kit worth its price?” Well, can you put a price on your not-undead life?

2. Aaaaiiiieeeee! Zombie!. It is a collection of all the necessary stuff to survive a zombie invasion. The most popular tool in the kit is the tactical SOG Tomahawk, a 15 3/4 in. long. 8 1/4 in. blade, with a fiberglass reinforced nylon handle and sheath. Priced at $79.99 this is a cheaper option with limited tools that makes it more portable than others.

3. Headmaster: Its standard pack is priced at $649 with an extra charge of $35 for shipping and handling. The top-end version is priced at $1849 and is fully loaded. The headmaster is poised to make you the hunter instead of the hunted, and surely gives you enough confidence in yourself in case of a zombie apocalypse. This pack has several weapon holders to make its owner a lethal walking platform.

4. Vice: This kit has all that you would need to evade a zombie cordon and get out of the town. It is priced at $498 with $ 30 extra for shipping and handling. It is available in three versions, the standard one, one with a baseball bat, and the one with a baseball bat and an air horn.

5. The Ankle Biter: The ankle-biter helps you keep light while packing a punch of necessary supplies. This pack also has a sleeve to hold any kind of bat that you may choose to carry. The standard pack is priced at $ 159 with an extra charge of $ 30 for shipping and handling. The other two variants come with a baseball bat and a bat plus a flask.

Do remember that survival is the key word, no win, no competition, only survival. This article is a survival guide for people with limited time and resources, but nevertheless who refuse to be among the victims.