Wilderness and Apocalypse Survival Tips You Should Know

Top Survival Tips – A Guide to Staying Alive in the Wilderness and During Apocalypse

Many people who love watching the reality show ‘Survivor’ are convinced that they can do better than the contestants.  They think they can last on the island, win the competition and bring home the prize.  If you are one of these people, you have to realize that real survival has nothing to do with forming alliances with tribe members and not getting voted off the island.  When you find yourself in a deserted place or in the midst of the end of the world, there will be no camera crew to offer you help.

For you to be able to truly survive in the wilderness or even during the apocalypse, you need serious survival skills.  Listed below are key survival tips you should keep in mind to prepare yourself.

Think Positive but Be Realistic

This is the first and most important of all survival tips, though it seems easy enough.  When faced with a tough situation, you have the tendency to feel sorry for yourself and you may be paralyzed with fear or uncertainty.  This is understandable, but having a negative frame of mind wouldn’t help you survive—in fact, it does nothing.  You have to think positive so you can do what you have to last the day, and the next day, and the others after that.  Though you should look at the bright side of things, remain realistic.  Don’t fool yourself that things are great if they are not.  Plan for the worst, but keep your fingers crossed that the situation will be better.


Among all the survival tips in this list, this is one that most survival experts recommend people do in any trying situation, may it be a natural disaster or even a zombie attack: S.T.O.P.  S.T.O.P. stands for “Stop, Think, Observe, Plan.”  When you encounter a predicament—say your plane crashed in the middle of nowhere and you survived—stay put, stop panicking, and try to relax.  Think about your situation and observe all around you, then plan your next move after you have done your assessment.  If you did things without planning, you wouldn’t be as productive.

Take A Look at What You Have

What made MacGyver such an unforgettable character was his resourcefulness.  He can do amazing things with the simplest objects.  If you are to survive, you need to channel MacGyver—what this means is that you should take a look at what you have and see their potential.  Anything you have can be used as a tool, even those you think are useless.

Have a Useful Tool

This is the second of the survival tips that references the beloved TV character and with good reason.  MacGyver was never without his Swiss knife, and it proved to be very useful in countless situations.  You never know when you will be needing such a tool, so you should carry one around.  It doesn’t matter what you are faced with—the tool is bound to help you stay alive.

Know Where to Get Water and How to Make it Safe to Drink

You need food, but you need water even more.  You can last several days or maybe weeks even if you are hungry, but don’t expect to last a few days without water.  This is why when you find yourself lost or stranded in the wilderness, the first thing you should look for is a source of water.

Not all water is safe for you to drink.  You may not die of thirst, but you can die from drinking contaminated water.  Boiling water is always recommended (and one of the top outdoor survival tips), but keep in mind that there are instances wherein you wouldn’t be able to do so (like if you don’t have anything to boil the water in).  Hence, you need to learn other purifying and water gathering techniques.

Look for or Stock Up on Food

Once you have your water, you can search for food.  In the wild, you are required to do some gathering and hunting.  Sure you can eat fruits, but you wouldn’t live on them alone.  You need to hunt for food that will give you much strength to last.  Therefore, you are also going to need to know how to catch fish, use a bow and arrow, or at least figure out how to set up some traps.

If you are in the city and under the threat of a zombie invasion, your problem will be stocking up on food instead of finding it.  Before you become the snack of the zombies, you need to have enough to snack on if you are to survive.

Know How to Start a Fire

Knowing how to start a fire is one of the most crucial survival skills, especially when you are in the wilderness.  It does more than cook your food or provide light; it can protect you from small insects to large animals, and serve as a rescue signal.  If you have matches or a lighter when the time comes, you would have no problem.  But what if you don’t? You need to learn how to start a fire without help.