The World’s Top 5 Survival Knives

Survival knives are among the most functional tools you can have, whether you intend to place it in your survival pack for dangerous situations, or in your hunting or fishing gear bag for field dressing animals. Whatever your planned use is, make sure you never leave home without a knife. This article offers a list of the best knives that you can use for survival and hunting purposes.

The Ka-Bar 7 Combat Utility Knife

When searching for high-quality survival knives, you will definitely come across Ka-Bar knives. Ka-Bar makes use of a 1095 CroVan steel that is a carbon/stainless blend that is highly durable and very tough, and yet sufficiently soft to hold an extremely sharp edge. Ka-Bar knives are of various types however the Kar-Bar 7 combat utility knife with Kraton G Handle is one of the very best. Also, you should consider buying it with Kydex covering because Kydex is a lot better than leather.

The Becker BK2 Campanion

There is plenty of criticisms on the internet about practically all knives in the market, however, you will find very few of that with Becker Series Knives. If you do not wish to carry a big knife but you want the chopping abilities of one, you should opt for Becker BK2 Campanion.

Becker BK2 is ideal for splitting, batoning, plus all-round chopping because of its weight, drop point, and blade thickness. This knife is not light, so if you are searching for a light knife, you may wish to consider another blade.

It has a ¼ inch long-lasting Cro-Van 1095 blade, ideal for kindling, splitting, skinning game. It has a comfortable handle made from Grivory. It also has a flat blade that is 5 ½ inches in length and its overall length is approximately 10 ½ inches. The Becker has glass-filed nylon covering to keep its blade sharp and safe.

Buck Vanguard

Buck Vanguard is a highly multipurpose survival knife for outdoorsmen, anglers, and hunters alike. Available with a rubber or wooden handle, the Vanguard will definitely please even the most selective of knife aficionados. The knife is superb for skinning because of its solid yet flexible feel plus drop blade. It has the 420 HC steel blade which is sturdy enough to withstand any test yet sufficiently soft for easy sharpening. If you are searching for a superb multipurpose knife that is long-lasting, you should consider getting the Buck Vanguard.

SOG Field Pup

This survival knife has been ranked one of the best for some time and for good reasons too. It has a high satin-gloss surface finish which is normally associated with sophisticated knives. With a weight of just 4 ounces, SOG Field Pup can meet all of your outdoor sporting requirements from dressing game to starting a fire. One of the main features of this survival knife is its Krafton grip which is rigid yet comfortable stuff that matches the feel and form of SOG Field Pup. Also, the knife’s thumb notches and grooves make it one of the top ergonomic, functional knives. Its AUS8 steel blade is extremely sharp and can withstand a lot of tough work before it will need to be sharpened, making Field Pup an excellent versatile knife a reasonable price.

Cold Steel SRK

This knife is a definite fit for practically any need within the outdoors, and it is certainly not a weak survival knife. Cold Steel SRK can effectively take care of any task from cutting fish heads to dressing big game because it is a strong and rough knife. It can be utilized for nearly all jobs because of its large size and a solid backbone. It is highly suitable for heavy-duty tasks and its edge remains sharp over extended periods of intense use. The blade is available in AUS8A steel and is coated with Teflon. Its handle which is made out of Kraton is extremely hyped due to its lone finger guard.

Even though survival knives are available in several sizes and shapes, this list of the best 5 knives will help you make a good decision. Each knife discussed above is highly dependable and you can actually trust any of them with your life. Also, survival knives can be utilized for family camping as well as several other uses in and around the home making them very useful tools for everyday use.